News | Siapa Pejabat Penikmat Jasa "Ratu Germo" Keyko!..

Kebijakan menangkap Keyko yang menangani 1.600 wanita penghibur.

Polrestabes Surabaya, East Java, has captured Yunita aka Mami Keyko. Female 34 years is presumed to control large networks of prostitution. Unmitigated, 1600 he controlled comfort women.

Keyko has hundreds of pimps. After capturing Keyko, police arrested three pimps network. Interestingly, the police said they did not know each other. However, it can operate across the region. Keyko, pimps, and prostitutes were communicating via BlackBerry.

Every woman entertainer, he bandrol Rp1, 5 to 5 million. The mode of operation of these networks by offering a satisfying women through BlackBerry. Photos and brief profiles of satisfying women were sent to prospective customers.

To the police, Keyko admitted during these customers come from the top, businessmen and officials pockets. So, who officials often use the services of "queen pimp" is?

East Java Governor Soekarwo, claimed not to know whether officers in its ranks helped to customer comfort women men Keyko it. If anything, said Soekarwo, the official will be dealt with. "Do not lose inspectorate. If it's proven, direct our call," said the governor's office Soekarwo, Surabaya, Friday, September 14, 2012.

Former Secretary of East Java, said the phenomenon as it will continue to exist in society. Trading law applies. "The answer was classic, there can not be a buy if there is no sale," he said.

However, he appealed to officials and the public to beat the economic interests of morality. Soekarwo also gave appreciation to the police who managed to dismantle the network of prostitution Keyko. "This is an effort of law enforcement," he said.

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