Busy Mom Thanks phone, Baby Falling From Stroller

Inviting a baby walk for a mother is a fun routine. But if the baby being pushed in a stroller fell on the pavement, this is still a fun moment?

After 'dropped' baby, Peaches Geldof, daughter of famous singer Bob Geldof, the British government throws insults via Twitter. He blamed the Mayor of London that is not true organize pavement condition.

"Was just walking with Astala in his pram and there was a massive hole in the pavement I did not see ... Thankfully Astala did not fall out and was Strapped in so did not get hurt at all or cry," tweet Peaches after the incident. "The Mayor of London should do something about it it's ridiculous!" he said again.

Astala, Peaches Geldof children as young as 4 months, fell with her ??stroller accidentally while crossing a hole in the sidewalk. Although this tiny baby fell, the wife of Tom Cohen is still busy receiving telephone receive when taking their babies, as reported by the Mirror page.
Ungtungnya, the baby boy was not injured. The incident occurred when he would invite Astala a walk out to bask in the sun.

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