Deadly Foods in Asia

Be careful with the various forms of food that is in front of you
Because, not all the food you really favors consumption until the end. As the original fruit of the land of Asia, Durian.

This spiny fruit known for having an extremely pungent odor. Besides stinging, this fruit also contain alcohol, which can make the audience are at risk of sudden death.

Therefore, before enjoying the fruit of this teaser, know first the condition of your body. Do not try it, if you still have high blood pressure are above average.

In addition, there are four food Durian deadly that you must be aware of in mainland Asia, such as:

1. Monkey Brain (China)

If you take monkey brains may be at risk of the same diseases caused by mad cow.

2. Bat Soup (Thailand)

Meat bats and rats can contain parasites or pathogenic bacteria that can cause serious illness, which may at any time you can only blame the artisan cooking.

3. Blood Clams (China)

Shellfish is one food that is quite dangerous and shellfish are claimed to cause those who consume affected by hepatitis A. Around the year 1988 approximately 310,000 Shanghai residents Infected Hepatitis A from eating these mussels. Shells are sold in the black market in the area of ​​Shanghai at a price that is high enough.

4. Pufferfish (Japan)

Known as Fugu can only be cooked by a Japanese chef, who has only a specific license. It is because of this unique fish liver contains a lot of deadly poison, which can kill you at any time.

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