Degree Assembly Prime Terrorist Hacker !

District Court (PN) in South Jakarta held a trial of terrorism cases with defendants Nurul Asmi, Wednesday, September 26, 2012. Nurul allegedly involved in hacking (hacking) online business site that was then used to fund the weapons training or terrorist activities in Poso. "That's right, today's hearing was held Nurul. I've been in court and are still waiting," said Nurul lawyer, Nurlan HN, now confirmed to headline.

Nurlan said for this early stage, they will listen to the indictment or accusation of the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) to their clients. Only when clearly, they will file an exception. "Because this is the use of IT, we will see to what extent the involvement Nurul terrorism-related activities," he explained.

Nurlan said Nurul also arrested the Special Detachment 88 anti-terror police because she was the wife of the suspects involved in terrorism. He believes, Nurul itself is not directly involved. "If her husband Nurul have got profit from online business. But the extent of his own role, we do not know. Expectation we, the indictment only helped, know, and do not report. Due to relatively light penalties under three years," he explained.

For information, Nurul is a member of the group led by Rizky Gunawan, who had been arrested earlier. He was allegedly involved in raising funds for terrorism pave way for their online business sites crimes of burglary proceeds in his account via the internet contributed to the terrorist group Poso Rizky itself is the originator of break-ins of two business sites online with the MLM model.

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