Hong Kong Clear Apply Curriculum "Brainwashing"

 Hong Kong Clear Apply Curriculum "Brainwashing"
Hong Kong finally decided not to adopt the curriculum to be applied the Chinese government. This decision followed protests of tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents who call curriculum for elementary and middle school was like brainwashing lessons.

This is probably one of the largest demonstrations in the history of Hong Kong. As reported by Reuters, 8 September 2012, violent protests came from parents, teachers, and students for a whole week.

Demonstrators rate, the curriculum that is propaganda of the Communist Party in China. In fact, the protesters called it a dark side of the Chinese government. "This is a big change.

We have heard and understood public criticism," said Hong Kong's new leader, Leung Chun-Ying. The decision was taken in an election in Hong Kong. Science curriculum contains about citizenship and stuff like. However, they mention the issue of the lessons were nothing more than the praise of China. "We do not want this controversy affect school operations.

We also do not want to see the harmony of education will be affected," said Leung. Initial plans are, the curriculum will be implemented in elementary school and in high school next year. The decision was taken based on the results of the voting members of the Legislature in this city. The vote was pretty shocking.

A total of 60 of the 70 seats in the city council decided not to adopt the curriculum of "brainwashing." Around 10,000 people thronged outside the polling location to await the final results. The more nights, the masses continue to grow even of them dressed in black.

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