How to Reduce the size of MS word document files

For those of you Who InginMemperkecil MS word document file size Let Describe Together, we directly to his core tutorial. MS Word Document will be greater if there are a lot containing images. If the file to be great would be an impact on the full disk faster. It could have been avoided that before entering into the document, the image is reduced in size through image processing program, and then incorporated into the new document.

Within Microsoft Word itself is already there is a facility to reduce the image size, namely Compress pictures. With these facilities we no longer need to edit each one picture and then inserted into a MS Word document. Just simply click on the image that already exists in the document and select compress pictures. To do so could follow the following simple steps :

1 : Create a new document and give an image, or open an existing document image.

2 : Click the image in the document.

3 : On the tab menu at the top, select the picture tools format tab.

4 : n the group adjust, select Compress Pict.


5 :In the pop-up window that appears, check the Apply to selected pictures only, and then click Options.

6 : In the compression settings window, select the radio button E-mail (96 ppi): minimize document size for sharing and click Yes and click OK.


7 : Save your document.

If there are many pictures in the document, do the same on the other images. Now Can you compare the size of compressed files before and after compressed.

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