Egyptian Military Forces Hand Cut Threatens Israel.

Egyptian Military | Forces Hand Cut Threatens Israel

Egyptian Military | Forces Hand Cut Threatens Israel. One of the Egyptian military officials gave a stern warning to Israel What they were trying to hold a military operation in the Sinai Peninsula to eradicate militants. Egypt was READY Hand cut Israeli forces entered the territory The ITU.Security conditions in the Sinai assessed more prone Dari Day Day, Pyramid State ITU held a military operation to secure the Sinai Dari militant threat. ALSO START Israel Air Raid considering the language of forces in willayah nil, but It IS harshly criticized the language of the Egyptian military. Egyptian military was hand cut READY Israeli forces entered Into The ITU regions.

"Egypt will take serious action against acts of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Want To clean the terrorists in Sinai. Reportedly Will We remind Israel steps Yang provoke Egypt," said an Israeli military official prayers, told Al Masry Al Youm, Tuesday (25/9 / 2012).Egyptian military statement Appears taxable income Egyptian Parliament member Mohammed Abd al-Haleem said that, it is impossible to hold FOR Israel Attacks in Sinai. Haleem ALSO START suspect deploying troops to Israel Ke Yang Sinai region. The deployment of troops is done Wholesale And it's breaking JGI Camp David.

"We got that Israel send troops INFORMATION OF A Review Illustration Very Large And exceeding limits specified by the JGI The Camp David We told ALSO addition Forces Us To Israel, so. They Will Stay Calm," said Halim. Problems Israeli military presence in the Sinai Peninsula, and Egypt is set in, JGI Camp David 1979, which is a peaceful JGI THAT BETWEEN the two parties. Under JGI ITU, Egypt is only allowed to place no more language from The Mechanical Division or infantry in the Sinai.

Egyptian officials were assessing, ITU article limit to protect the rights of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, that is why Camp David should be amended. Egyptian President's Office has filed a proposed amendment ALSO THAT JGI, but Israel seems to mind. It urged the Egyptian Jewish Affairs Permanent comply JGI That made 33 years Ago.

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