NEWS | Fall from Heaven excited bodies

The bodies of suspected illegal immigrants hidden in the wheel plane.

Peace of an area on the outskirts of London, England, interrupted when a dead body suddenly fell from the sky. Police are investigating the case concluded that the bodies of illegal immigrants who are illegally boarded the plane.

Al-Arabiya reported citing newspaper The Sun, corpse falls from the sky was first known to the supermarket employee, Jamie Notley, on Tuesday, September 11, 2012. Youth 19 years is shocked when he heard the sound of objects falling very hard.

Once approached, Jamie was surprised to see the corpse of a black person is lying on the ground. "I'm trying to see if anyone was injured. But the view that there was really horrible," he said.

Police are tracing the identity of the body was clear that the man was about 30 years it was illegal immigrants hiding in the wheel plane. The man without a name probably derived from North Africa is thought to have died before he fell from a height of 600 meters.

The crash site about 9 miles from Heathrow airport. "The temperature in the tires to reach -40 ° C in altitude. So basically he was freezing to death. Nobody will survive in temperatures," said Richard Taylor of London Civil Aviation Authority. Taylor says this is not the first time immigrants hiding in the wheel plane. He said usually the immigrants were killed when the plane landed, wedged open wheel structure.

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