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Creamy skin cleanser or soap you use every day for sure. Not to forget, moisturizer and sunscreen. All done of course in order to maintain the health and beauty of skin. This treatment is required from the outside.

But, what is equally important is providing nutrients to the skin from within. Want skin always looks bright and healthy? Intake following consumption of just four, it's very delicious and proven to make skin bright and healthy.

1. Soybean

Regularly consume soy because it can improve skin health. That's because high-quality protein content.
"The protein in soy is needed to form and maintain collagen or connective tissue of the skin," says Aaron Tabor, director of medical research at Revival Soy in Kernersville, North Carolina, quoted from Shine.

Collagen contributes greatly to the suppleness and softness of the skin. Then, isoflavones in soy act as antioxidants to protect collagen from damage caused by free radicals substances, namely reactive molecules that can weaken or destroy cell membranes.

The best source of isoflavones derived from soy milk (20-35 mg of isoflavones per serving) and tofu (20-30 mg of soy isoflavones per serving). Therefore, make the soy milk and tofu steamed breakfast menu as lunch menu. Healthy and delicious, is not it?

2. Green tea

In addition to soy milk, green tea can also be the mainstay to nourish and beautify the skin. Brewed only green tea with warm water, let cool, then let sit in the fridge, all day. When you come home from work, it can be enjoyed. Drink it while warm is equally delicious. Preferably, do not add sugar. Very high content of antioxidant substances, protect against free radicals that damage the skin.

3. Salmon

For the dinner menu, create salmon grilled with olive oil, it was savory and delicious. Both materials contain high omega-3 fatty acids are very good for the skin. Research shows that these fatty acids can help skin damage caused by sun exposure.

4. Garlic

The aroma is sometimes disturbing. But you should know that garlic also my skin. Research conducted in Denmark found that skin cells were given garlic extract has a longer life span. Garlic dramatically inhibited the growth of cancer cells. So, do not forget to use garlic in every dish

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