Peter Crouch Wife Breast Umbar in cafe

Clancy and fellow model also attend a fashion show.

Abbey Clancy, the wife of Stoke City striker Peter Crouch to spend time at a cafe after attending a fashion show. Abbey and her fellow model Kelly Brook wearing a very sexy dress.

Both beautiful models that came to Giles catwalk at London Fashion Week. Clancy looks elegant clad in a yellow dress with low cleavage. Likewise with Brook nude wearing transparent dresses.

As reported by The Sun, Clancy and Brook migrated to a cafe after the fashion show was held over. Both of these sexy ladies enjoy a lot of accompanied by a few bottles of beer.

Occasionally, Clancy and Brook share a laugh and did not realize until the spit of each breast. The moment was not lost on camera shots of a fashion magazine Love editor, Katie Grand. He uploaded the picture into your Twitter account and retweet Brook. "Kelly Brook and Abbey Clancy spent a few pints of beer after the show @ guineapiggiles," read the photo caption.

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