Scenes Shur, Cameron Diaz Guarded Super Tight

Securing shooting it like a military operation.

Actress Cameron Diaz, in his latest film "The Counselor", are required to do a s3x scene with co-star, Javier Bardem. When shooting intimate scenes, shooting location guarded super tight. In fact, the set also sterilized.

Investigate a calibaration, the goal of lowering the guard with a lot of security, because they do not want the s3x scene leaked on the internet. They do not just hire a security guard, but also bring dogs to the set.

They put the tracker dogs around the park. This is done to ensure that no individual or even a passing fan adegam and record it.

In fact, a source said the shooting was like a military operation. "Producers have done everything to stop an intruder broke into the set," the source was quoted as saying by The Sun.

In the film, told Diaz doing *CensureBlock* scenes with Javier Bardem in a yellow Ferrari. And the producers did not want the scene is important that first circulated to the public.

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