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Welcome Welcome back to the activities I work Mandau Sharing Blogspot Tutorial on SkyDrive for Windows - Connected with Microsoft Office Version Works Saber 2013. SkyDrive for Windows - Microsoft has recently issued a new product like the Microsoft Office 2013, the roomates is still in a phase of customer preview where everyone can be downloaded for free at Microsoft's website for up to 60 days after its release version released later.

One of the new features in Office 2013 is a feature SkyDrive. With this feature we can open our documents are stored in the My Documents folder of Microsoft's SkyDrive online and can be shared with friends or coworkers. This feature is included in the Office 2013 package. We live to create an account in Windows Live just to be Able to access it.

With the Data or existing document in SkyDrive can be seen also from another computer, not in the sense of the computer used to type documents. We can use SkyDrive for Windows roomates is the easiest way to access all of our documents in SkyDrive from your computer. When you install SkyDrive, SkyDrive folder it will Appear in our computer. All documents in the folder are automatically saved and synchronized between your computer (PC or Mac) and, so we can take a file or document for virtually from anywhere. Whenever we add, modify, or delete any files or documents from one place, then in all places penyimpananpun will update Perhaps we forgot to put something in a SkyDrive folder, we can still come back to our computers to access all files and folders from

So what Kah SkyDrive features in Windows for this? Here are some features that can be found from the SkyDrive for Windows.

Features in SkyDrive for Windows: 

1: Accessing SkyDrive from Windows Explorer; photographs, documents, and all our important files.2: Adding new files on SkyDrive Quickly by transferring it to SkyDrive folder.3: Manage files and folders in SkyDrive us Easily, the same as other folders.4: Linking back to our computers when we forgot to put something in SkyDrive.That's some very useful features of SkyDrive for Windows. To run this SkyDrive for Windows computer must meet the following requirements:

System Requirement:

 1: The computer we use one of the Operating System: Windows 8 Consumer Preview 32/64 bit version of Windows 8 or higher, Windows 7 or Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and the Platform Update for Windows Vista. It can also run on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and the Platform Update for Windows Server 20082: Processor: 1.6 GHz or higher Pentium IV or higher.3: Memory: 1 GB of RAM or higher4: Internet Connection: highly recommended to use high-speed Internet access.

In order to use SkyDrive for Windows, you can download or download from the Microsoft website. Similarly, writing about Windows SkyDrive for this and may be useful for all of us.

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