Still More Photo Shur Kate Middleton

There is still a more intimate picture of Kate Middleton.

Parties will be more digegerkan British royal Kate Middleton presence photos with views more exciting than the picture that has been circulated previously.

Because, Closer Magazine Editor, Laurence said Pieau still photo 'hot' Kate Middleton instead of drawing without using a bra.

"We will not hide that fact. Still there are more intimate images we have," said Pieau reported by the Daily Mail, Sunday, September 16, 2012.

But it deliberately chose not to publish photos and topless photos of heir to the throne of England couples are more intimate. "We did not want to publish it, other media may differ," he said.

Regarding the lawsuit filed with Prince William and Kate Middleton, Laurence Pieau remains challenging and did not regret his decision.

"Just the same as a young woman who was sunbathing topless on the beach in the state," she said, lightly. "What we see in the photos are a young couple who just got married and enjoy their love. He (Middleton) was the daughter of the 21st century."

Earlier, an Italian gossip magazine, Chi, plans to print topless photos of Kate Middleton and Prince pair William back. Not tangung-in responsibility, according to the BBC, Chi plans to print a 26-page special photo was sensational.

Photos Kate nude in the chest were estimated taken from a distance of 1 kilometer from Chateau d'' Autet, France the United Kingdom where the couple was vacationing.

Photographer allegedly used a telephoto lens 600 millimeters or 800 millimeters with a special tool to enhance the ability to zoom the lens.

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