This recognition Female Artist "Innocence of Muslims"

Starring asked acting for an action film titled "Desert Warrior

I do not know what's in the brain Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, or what the motive behind the man named alias Sam Bacile that, while producing the "Innocence of Muslims". Not only cheap and amateurish, the film also has offended Muslims, for insulting the Prophet Muhammad. This film Trigger global wave of protests that led to the deaths of scores of innocent people. The wave of protest was also caused many injuries.

According to recent reports, Nakoula was an informant who had been arrested in the case of bank fraud and the associated production of illicit drug methamphetamine. He fled his home in the state of California and, reportedly, was hiding in a secret place with the whole family.

Polahnya also make the people involved in the film threatened. One of them is Anna Gurji. Female 21 years old was admitted cheated. He wracked now terrified. "I served as the youngest bride of a character named George," he said. "I do not know George then converted into (the Prophet) Muhammad," said he, as published

Gurji itself felt very frightened. "I locked myself in the house, I'm afraid people will blame the Middle East," he said. He added that there was no intention at all to insult Muslims. "I happen to another religion, so maybe they thought I had a certain feeling towards Muslims. Not at all. I even had to take pills in order to sleep. I was betrayed. My face is in the movie clip. Guys have seen horrible movie, and they must have seen my face. "

Gurji added that he and other actors think they're playing in an action film titled "Desert Warrior", and the producer, Nakoula or that he knew as Sam, had never discussed religion. "I was just asked to act as Hilary, wife of the character George," he said. "We were told that the film is about a comet that fell to Earth in the past in the Middle East. Wherever there is a tribe that thinks the comet is sacred."

"He said there was a lot of special effects, so many scenes in the film were recorded with the background of a green screen. Was a movie with a low cost. I paid U.S. $ 75 per day and all adeganku with George recorded with background green screen. I do not think it will be distorted. Gurji added, he may be naive, but did not receive prior warning. "I auditioned, appears in a scene according skrenario. Neither of us, the players, suspected there was a secret agenda behind the film."

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