Tips to orgasm repeatedly

for sex satisfaction normally no one said it was not good orgasm, even orgasm is in search search any person who has grown up, - Let multiorgasme, can reach orgasm alone is profitable, so maybe some of the women said. Understandably, many women are not able to achieve orgasm because he has not been sufficiently explored, or because their partner is only concerned with her ​​satisfaction.

However, there is a way to reach a climax, and even get it many times. The key is, do not be ashamed to admit that we also want to feel the sensation of pleasure, and more willing to explore themselves. Here are some how:

Masturbation. This is the first thing you can do to achieve orgasm. With masturbation, you can identify how and where the touches you want, at the same time you do not like. If you understand your own needs, of course, you can point your husband to touch the most sensitive points of the body.


Practice your vaginal muscles. To do a good sex session, you need to make sure that the muscles of the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles are strong. A healthy vaginal muscles will be able to draw blood to the area that lets you experience the deeper pleasure sensation. These muscles are located around the urethra, vagina, and anus. For practice, doing Kegel exercises where we have to tighten and loosen muscles, such as when you hold your pee, in a certain count. Check out how here.

Increase foreplay. Foreplay is arguably the most important role to achieve orgasms. Most women can only reach climax through clitoral stimulation directly, so invite your partner to focus attention to this area. He can use his fingers or tongue. To train the body receives sensations peak many times, let the partner stimulates you for a few minutes, then stop for a while, then started again. Thus, your body will know after the stimulation reaches the top, the next climax will come again.

Switch to another area. When having an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, usually you will feel a tingling sensation incredible. If you have this, you may be pulled away from the stimulus him because your skin is too sensitive to touch. However, if you still want an orgasm the second (and so on), try to pair a touch switch to another area of your body that are not so sensitive. Where the area? The more you know. Whether it's breast, lips, or neck. By keeping the nerves and your sensual energy remains high, you do not need to start from the beginning again to feel the stimulation of the him.

G-spot. When the clitoris has become supersensitive through foreplay, you can go to a deeper area, the G-spot. G-spot is actually very sensitive, but because it was hidden and more difficult to find, he needs more exploration and stimulation. If you find it difficult, try doing reverse cowgirl position, or a position where you are on top but to the couple. This position will naturally touch the G-spot, simultaneously stimulating the clitoris through her ​​body. Do not forget to invite him to continue to touch you.

No need to rush during this session, especially with a target to reach multiorgasme stake. Do it calmly, slowly, enjoying it as much as possible. Needless to urge him to let you orgasm first. It will only make it more difficult for the depressed and inflame or excite you.

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