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This time I work Mandau SHARE Again That Make You Riyadh - Arab prince life tinged night parties, drug use and sex. All done in private, behind the door of the house and kerajaan.Pesta sophisticated underground, as reported by WikiLeaks that quoted by the Guardian, is well protected.

The guests really restricted only to those who are wealthy. More than 150 women and men aged 20-30's Eve party meet tersebut.Polisi went away, Because this activity is labeled with the royal family.
   It was like a nightclub anywhere outside the kingdom. Lots of alcohol, young couples dancing, a DJ playing music and everyone dressed in costume," the document fragment of secret U.S. cables that.

Some famous liquor brands to meet the bar. Prohibition of alcohol makes the drink prices were unbelievably expensive. Such as Smirnoff vodka brand that cost could be 15 times the local vodka. Carers 'nightclub' was from Nigeria or Africa. They are the same age and grew up with the prince. So there is a bond of loyalty and incredible," he continued. The cable claims, it is easy to find a protector like this to escort more than 10 thousand Saudi princes.

One young Saudis declare these parties Become a new trend among the youth. A few years ago, continued the youth, their weekend activities only small dating a rich man. Now some houses in Jeddah has a basement bars, discos and clubs. One of the sophisticated countries control 20% of reserves and the world's biggest oil exporter, says, "increasing conservatism in our society in recent years social interactions move into the houses. Please you download S3ex Saudi Prince Party Under This.

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