Adverse Effect Computer Use In Eye !

CVS mempengaruhi sekitar 64% sampai 90% dari pekerja kantor.

Never spend more than two consecutive hours working in front of a computer screen? Computers are able to make our work more productive, but there was bad news for you because of computer users, too long in front of a computer screen can cause computer vision syndrome (CVS).

This syndrome can cause eye fatigue and tension from a day staring at a computer screen. And please note, CVS affects approximately 64% to 90% of the office workers. As reported, Friday, September 14, 2012, the condition is most likely not cause permanent eye damage. However, it can affect the comfort of computer users.

The most common symptoms of CVS include eye strain, redness, irritation or dryness, burning feeling in the eyes, blurred vision or double vision to headaches and neck and shoulder pain. Several factors can increase the likelihood of CVS, including vision problems are too focused on one view, dry eyes, staring at a computer screen for too long, bad lighting, bad posture and even that is not right corner of the monitor.

Another factor that can lead to CVS likely be due to the use of glasses and contact lenses. And, nearly 71 percent of the people reported symptoms of CVS occur because of wearing glasses or contact lenses with the wrong prescription. However, if you feel your computer screen to make your eyes feel sore and tired, here are some guidelines to help alleviate the symptoms:

Regular eye health check

If indeed you are a patient eye minus or plus, glasses or contact lenses make sure you use a really comfortable to wear. Request a recipe according to the health condition of the eye, so that when you use a computer you can feel comfortable in front of the screen.

Repositioning computer

The screen should be positioned right in front of your face, not on the side. Position the monitor so the center is 4 to 8 inches below your eye, allowing the neck can relax.

Follow these guidelines for good posture

This will reduce the strain on the neck, back and shoulders.

Reduce glare

Installing an anti-glare filter on the monitor can be adjusted as needed. You can also adjust the window shades and adjust the contrast and brightness of the screen may help reduce glare and reflections.

Prepare eyedrops

Eye drops to prevent dry eyes. If that does not work, consider using lubricating eye drops.


Do not spend too much time in front of a computer screen. Every now and then do some stretching exercises that can take my eyes off the screen. It could stand for a moment, stretch or just looking off into the distance, away from the computer, every 15 minutes or so to give your eyes a break.

Clean regularly monitor

Dust can reduce the sharpness of the screen, make the eyes work harder. For that, try to regularly clean the monitor

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