News | Fruit Berry Makes People Naked and Absentminded.

Berry is reported to trigger hallucinations and partial paralysis.

A man found to be acting weird naked with scratches all over his body in a forest in Germany, Thursday, September 6 last year. Pedestrians who passed her trying to help, but to no avail. Pedestrians were immediately contacted the police in the Bavarian city, Unterwössen. Officers found the man shivering and disoriented, and then took him to the hospital.

The man was not a lunatic. He suspected a monk from the nearest town. Strange behavior later revealed not part of a spiritual experience, but allegedly caused the poisonous berries he ate while camping on the outskirts of the forest. Berry reportedly made hallucinating and suffering from partial paralysis, making it unable to find his way back to his tent. "It was not clear why he got naked," according to NBC. However, based on the type of berry it eats, it's not a mystery.

Berry fruit what kind of frightful effect can trigger it?...

According to German police reports, based on hospital examination found, the victim allegedly swallowed the berries from the plant Deadly Nightshade, a type of amethyst. Plants derived from species Atropa belladonna can cause hallucinogenic effects and muscle weakness, caused by the reaction of the chemicals atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine.

According to the Mayo Clinic told LiveScience chemicals that can interfere with the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates activities such as auto body, digestion, heart rate, and saliva. In low doses, this material useful for treating stomach cramps and drunk, and to keep the heart rate remained normal throughout the operation.

However, as the name suggests, a large dose of hazardous chemicals can be deadly Deadly Nightshade nervous system. Symptoms of an overdose of chemicals are confused or behaves abnormally, rapid heartbeat or irregular, flushed face, hallucinations as well. Another potential side effects, patients have fever. Side effects last explain why the monk opened strand by strand clothes. He could be overheating due to fever.

In the United States, the Atropa belladonna plant species grow them in California, Michigan, New York, and New Jersey. Similarly, according to the U.S. Agriculture.

However, that is often encountered is Datura stramonium, a close cousin of Deadly Nightshade. Although it contains the same toxins, fortunately plants are also called Jimsonweed had no ripe fruit and purple, which is exciting to be picked and eaten.

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