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Over the past 500 years, no mysterious Mona Lisa painting.
Painting Mona Lisa original, obscure and cracked, still hanging on the wall of the Louvre Museum, Paris. The size is not how large, 77 x 53 inches, but the smile enigmatiknya penetrate bulletproof glass to protect it, capable of holding images of the human mind.

During the 500 years of its existence, no mysterious Mona Lisa painting. People who believe in conspiracy theories are searching for symbols that may contain hidden messages Leonardo Da Vinci, is also trying to guess who the real figure to be a model picture of the Maestro.

Some experts argue, the model of the Mona Lisa, called La Gioconda in Italian or La Joconde in French is a portrait of Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo, a girl from a small village of the royal family to marry wealthy merchant, Francesco del Giocondo.

Based on that guidance, the hunt for Mona Lisa begins. A team led by Silvano Vinceti, art investigator nicknamed 'Indiana Jones modern' now doing excavation at the former army barracks that was once the Convent of St. Orsola in Florence, Italy.

The team recently revealed the latest developments as they get. In a recent press conference, the team claimed to find the skeleton of a woman under the altar of the church. It was the fourth frame acquired since last year. However, "the bones did not belong to the Mona Lisa," said Silvano Vinceti, director of the Committee for the Promotion of Historic and Cultural Heritage.

So what to do with Lisa Gherardini aka Mona Lisa?

Vinceti added, although no targets are sought, the framework that gives guidance to the tomb of the Mona Lisa. "He may be under it," he added. For information, Vinceti ambitious project aims to reconstruct the face from a skull Lisa Gherardini, whether its match with the painting Mona Lisa.

Important Instructions:

As with any controversial claims, such as letters and numbers hidden in the Mona Lisa, Vinceti also bases its mission on the documents found by the historian Giuseppe Pallanti a few years ago. Historians are not involved in this project, tracing the life of Lisa born on June 15, 1479, until his death at the age of 63 years. Pallanti found some important documents, such as the will of her husband, Francesco del Giocondo. The merchant asks youngest daughter, Marietta, to take care of "his beloved wife", Lisa.

At that time, Marietta, one in five children Lisa and Francessco had become a nun, so she brought her mother to be treated at a nearby monastery, St Orsola. Lisa was there until his death on July 15, 1545, based on the document "Book of the Dead" Pallanti found in the archives of the church.

The note also reveals, the whole church to attend the funeral, shows Lisa pretty well known in Florentine society. According Vinceti, what is written in the ancient documents also support the findings of the latest framework. "The book records kept the nuns called the skeleton belonged to Mary Del Riccio, wealthy woman who died in 1609," he said.

Vinceti added, only Maria Del Riccio and Lisa Gherardini, the two are not nuns, whose tomb is treated specially in the monastery. "The method of burial is done at the time of the secular people (not nuns) are piled on top of the other tomb," said Vinceti.

Not only that, based on the analysis of georadar, analysts argue, there is another tomb buried under the skeleton was found. "Because Maria Del Riccio died in 1609, chances are we've found the tomb of Lisa Gherardini," he said. What should be done is to continue the dig team.

The archaeologists will continue excavation until October. All skeleton found will be tested to be identified. Especially, bones thought to belong to Lisa Gherardini, which will be tested by comparison of genetic DNA of Bartolomeo and Piero, two sons were buried in the church of Santissima Annunziata in Florence.

"Did we find the Mona Lisa or not, it will be announced early next year," said Vinceti.

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