Arthur Irawan The fluttering at Espanyol

 Arthur started the season playing in the reserve team Espanyol.

Arthur Irawan play for 90 minutes for the reserves (reserve) Espanyol on Tuesday, September 11, 2012.

This is not the first time he played a full since being promoted to reserve team at the beginning of this season. In the last week, he also played a full counter Qatari Sports in friendly matches.

In a match that ended with a 3-0 victory over Espanyol Castellar, Arthur expressed his delight to be playing 90 minutes at right-back position which is his favorite position.

"I was given the opportunity to play at right back in the match, this is my ideal position, so I'm happy to win while still maintaining a clean sheet for the team," said Arthur quoted from his personal blog.

Since joining Espanyol last season, Arthur has learned many things and even though he did not always play by the coach Raul Longhi, Arthur did not feel disappointed.

"Football has always teach you something, no matter whether you are a young player trying to become a professional player, like me or a senior player, you will always be learning., And from week to week, my touch, my speed and my knowledge the better. I showed in the game on Tuesday. "

Although more like playing as a right back, Arthur did not mind if he played in the left back position, as he showed when playing against Qatari Sports.

"I've played in several different positions for the Reserves since I joined Espanyol from Juvenile squad. Hopefully this can help me to achieve my goal to be versatile football player."

Main goal of course Arthur highest caste play in the Spanish league La Liga ie. As a citizen of Indonesia, Arthur hopes to realize his dream and make a proud citizen of Indonesia.

Appearance Arthur certainly reminds us Andik Vermansyah, like Arthur, Andik also get a chance to play with DC United's reserve team.

Although only status as a player invitations, Andik appearance did not disappoint, he often create opportunities for DC United.

The presence of Arthur and Andik successful playing outside Indonesia must be very proud in the gluttonous maruknya football in Indonesia.

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