VIDEO: Fire On Fire 41 Years in the "Gates of Hell"

 Visitors can only last about 5 minutes.

Fire in the hole was unflagging, even though 41 years have passed. It began in 1971, when a Soviet geologist leading the drilling in the Karakum Desert, Turkmenistan. She found an underground cavern that holds natural gas in massive quantities.

Land was finally collapsed, the entire rig drilling into it. Then it becomes a hole diameter of 70 meters.

The decision to burn the hole, to remove toxic methane gas, was not right. The gas is expected to be burned for several days, was still smoldering until now.

The burning crater was created light that can be seen for miles around Derweze. Being interesting sights, especially at night. Local people call it, "The Door to Hell", "Gates of Hell".

The site was eventually global, making the former Soviet Union is increasingly recognized. Travelers arriving.

However, visitors who come to see can only spend an average of about 5 minutes around the site because of dangerous methane gas that blows out of the hole.

In April 2012, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow visited the site, ordered that the hole was closed. With reason, "anomaly" has hampered the development of an underground exploration industry in Karakum. But until now there has not been realized. Watch the video pemadangan "Gates of Hell" when evening at this link Video

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