Athletes hang gliding Fall from Height 75 Meters

Athletes hang gliding Fall from Height 75 Meters

Athletes hang gliding PON XVIII Branch County home contingent Makassar, South Sulawesi province, Abdul Harris, is currently undergoing intensive treatment in hospital Dumai, Riau. Harris crashed during training at the venue Pinang Kampai airport Dumai Friday, September 7, 2012.

Before falling to the airport runway made ??of concrete from a height of about 75 meters, Harris was spinning 3 times.
As he fell, he was injured at the knees and ribs and both legs.

Contingent Makassar Branch Head Coach hang gliding, Andi Roni Besso said Harris has not been able to ascertain the condition may or may not follow the game after an accident. But he hoped that Harris would recover soon.

Meanwhile, Harris was determined to keep themselves can participate and medal match. "I am optimistic to remain in the game because there are still two more days to recover from the injury," said Harris.

Asked about the cause of the collapse, Harris admitted having layangnya shocks on the wing when he joined the formal training in the hills of Pinang Kampai airport runway venue.

"Due to the concrete floor that is not fit for the match standard hang gliding, then when it is up in the air kites become unbalanced and shocks plus a very strong wind," he said.

He added that the floor should be used as the basis in the form of grass track before riding. "But on the floor of the airport runway venue only made ??of steel," he said.

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