How to Replace Older Posts By the Numbers

On This Day And Now For My Post How To Change Your Ways "Older Posts" By the Numbers. General Navigation To Move Pages on Blogspot Usually Using Text Older Posts Link (Post) And Newer Posts (New Post) Differences With Wordpress The navigation can be shaped so that figures could make it easier for Skip To Multiple Pages Nor Post Older Post What's New. Nhaah Tricks Kali This Will Explain How To Replace Older Posts Link (Post) And Newer Posts (New Post) To Be Number Example As The Picture Below It:

Here's How To Change "Older Posts" By the Numbers:

1: The First Step to Ultimate Course Kedesain Then edit your template (HTML)

2: The Code And Find It <]]> </ b: skin> If It's You Find sript Code Put Under This Before The Code Above.

.showpageArea a { text-decoration:underline; } .showpageNum a { text-decoration:none; border: 1px solid #cccccc; margin:0 3px; padding:3px; } .showpageNum a:hover { border: 1px solid #cccccc; background-color:#cccccc; } .showpagePoint { color:#333; text-decoration:none; border: 1px solid #cccccc; background: #cccccc; margin:0 3px; padding:3px; } .showpageOf { text-decoration:none; padding:3px; margin: 0 3px 0 0; } .showpage a { text-decoration:none; border: 1px solid #cccccc; padding:3px; } .showpage a:hover { text-decoration:none; } .showpageNum a:link,.showpage a:link { text-decoration:none; color:#333333; }

3: The Code That You Find It </ body> Then Put This Before Scrips Under Such codes.

<!--Page Navigation Starts--> <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;item&quot;'> <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;static_page&quot;'> <script type='text/javascript'> var pageCount=5; var displayPageNum=5; var upPageWord =&#39;Previous&#39;; var downPageWord =&#39;Next&#39;; </script> <script src='' type='text/javascript'/> </b:if> </b:if> <!--Page Navigation Ends --> 

4: Done Already Description Tutorial Changing the Way We "Older Posts" By the Numbers This Acknowledgements Good luck and Congratulations activity.

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