China Blog Claims Casing iPad Mini leaked photos

The image shows the design of the aluminum post with a 9 pin connector.

Although not yet officially launched the iPad Mini, some sites have leaked form displays latest-generation iPad. Not long ago, a Chinese website, digi.163, post photos of the back of the casing that is claimed to be the iPad Mini will be launched.

Mini iPad casing as the photo earlier, in-post images showed aluminum design that comes with a new 9 pin connector. In addition, the casing in the post appears to show the two speakers on the bottom of the device, the Apple logo, and a place to rear camera.

Indeed, previous, iPad Mini photo has been leaked to the web for a few weeks in China blog, This blog has said that the casing iPad Mini will support front and rear camera.

Most of the photos show the features shown in the latest image. However, the photos were posted on China page has been displayed on the page AppleInsider.

AppleInsider said the latest images seem to indicate that the headphone jack will be at the top of the iPad Mini. In the previous image, headphone jack appears at the bottom.

Which is accurate, is not yet certain. Apple is reportedly not talking about his plans for the new iPad. In addition, there is no way to know whether the image has emerged is a prototype or concept for the real thing. In other words, all images must be questioned.

However, if Apple does not have plans to launch iPad Mini, the rumors that emerged showed that the presence of the iPad mini will happen next month. The same rumors indicate the device will have a 7.85-inch screen.

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