Corgi, Dog, "Tradition" in UK

Tradition seems to have a Corgi dog in the British empire is already ingrained. After the death of Monty, The Ethical of Animals asked the Queen to adopt another dog from the shelter Corgi.

Monty is the oldest of the pet dog queen today. He died at the age of 13. Currently kingdom has only Willow and Holly, they were also present at the opening of the Olympics.

"Friendship" with the royal family corgi dog has been there since opening in 1933. At that time, King George VI, father of Queen bought through a pet store. The first dog was diberina Dookie.

However, when the age-18 Queen bought Corgi dog itself. Since that's the kind of small-sized dog is becoming popular in the kingdom. Even other English nobles also helped adopt it, as reported by the Huffington Post. Roberts monthy or monthy will be buried in the grounds of the British royal residence at Balmoral, according to tradition tedahulu Corgi dog. 

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