How to create an outline effect on the font or font in MS Word 2007

How to Make the font, font or paper with a hole in the middle of writing a line alone is often questioned by a user. In addition to writing in order to be more artistic, the need to create a paper cut and pasted as banners, etc. is another reason to make writing or letters are hollow or just be a line around the letter.

To achieve this you can install a font or font outline hollow. If you do not have can browse by keyword or Download Download Font Outline Font Hollow. But if unwilling to bother downloading, you can make writing an outline or hollow posts in MS Word without having to install the font to your computer. For that please follow the steps below :

1 : The First Step Program Open Ms Word 2007 you are.
2 ; Press Ctrl + D to open the Font window options
3 ; On the effects activate or tick and then click OK Outline

4 : Then Start writing that you want, and set the small letters.

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