Invisible Clothes Kim Kardashian So Spotlight

This is not the first time Kim became the center of attention.

Apparently, celebrity-celebrities in Hollywood dressed fever stricken invisibility. In recent years, a number of female celebrities caught on camera wearing a shirt or dress made ??from super thin. Kim Kardashian is no exception. This reality show star, the spotlight because she was wearing a transparent dress.

Kim wore clothes made ??of super thin, while leaving her hotel in New York City. Kim out of his hotel, wearing a see-through mini dress in black. Kim deliberately not buttoning clothes. The dress certainly makes underwear Kim looks. The chest reality show star was also evident.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, but only part of her visible. Kim wore a matching insert to cover the important parts of his body. Kim did not seem comfortable with the clothes she was wearing a short transparent. He was afraid of the wind, so the lover Kanye West continues to hold the end of the sleeve.

Of course, with a transparent dress that makes Kim a concern around the hotel. A number of people who saw Kim, directly looking towards the artist. Kim also pitch with aplomb. Kim smiled friendly towards these people. He is guarded by bodyguards, who followed behind.

This is not the first time Kim became the center of attention because of view-through dress. Previously, Kim was also wearing a dress with a thin black material. However, Kim more bold. Kim let the clothes that expose parts of her body. Especially at the top. He complements it with a transparent shirt black skirt.

Kim is happy the spotlight. And she was an artist whose life is most often discussed.

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