Negative effects Perfume: Desire Disorder S3ksual

Fragrance ingredients can change the natural pH or acidity of the sex organs

Many of us rely on scent to give a shot of energy. Psychologically, some types of fragrances, including perfumes, aromatherapy, and air fresheners can indeed provide a calming effect. However, the study also showed the ill effects of these fragrances. Cause allergies, asthma, migraine and sexual desire disorder.


In the example perfume, fragrance ingredients will trigger allergies when in contact with skin. Molecules in which trigger an immune response. Causes itchy, scaly skin and chapped. "About one in 20 people is estimated to have allergies aroma. Allergies are increasing, along with the amount of fragrance products are also increasing," said Dr Susannah Baron, consultant dermatologist at Kent & Canterbury Hospital, told the Daily Mail.


In addition to chemicals that cause allergies, strong aroma fragrances can also cause headaches. According to Dr. Vincent Martin, a headache specialist at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, fragrances will activate the nerve cells of the nose. This will stimulate the nervous system associated with head pain. To avoid this, migraine sufferers are advised to minimize contact with fragrances.


Meanwhile, fragrance products such as plug-in deodorisers and air fresheners contain chemicals light can also trigger asthma attacks. The aroma can irritate the airways in people with asthma. It causes respiratory problems. Dr. Stanley Fineman, an allergy and asthma clinic in Atlanta, U.S., said those with asthma are sensitive, will undergo changes in lung function when in contact with fragrances.

Problems gynecologist:

Fragrances are also associated with problems gynecologist, especially in women. "Fragrance materials can alter the natural pH or acidity of the vagina. If acidity is lost, the bacteria will grow easily," explains Dr. Sovra Whitcroft, a gynecologist at the clinic Guildford. "And the strong chemicals in perfumes can also give direct irritating effect on sensitive mucous lining of the vagina. This can make the skin more susceptible to bacteria that cause secondary infections.

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