News | FIFA bans Conte Training Worldwide

Conte caught fixing cases while still in Siena.

The punishment that befell Antonio Conte heavier. Not only forbidden practice in the realm of Italy, FIFA recently expanded Juventus penalty was up to the level of friendship around the world.

Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has previously been punishing Conte should not be involved in football for 10 months, or about one season, after not complain fixing effort while still handling Siena.

Finally, the sentence was ratified by FIFA on Friday, 14 September 2012, and according to the FIFA disciplinary code article 136, the penalty was decreed covers the entire game, both domestically, internationally, until a friendly.

According to the official website of FIFA, the decision was taken by the FIFA disciplinary committee consisting of representatives from Finland, Croatia, South Korea and Turkey.

The punishment that befell the 43-year could be increased. Because the FIGC providing any additional documentation and evidence on FIFA disciplinary committee for further review. Conte could have been sentenced to gain weight.

With this decision, Conte Juventus certainly can not assist while appearing for the first time again in the Champions League, against Chelsea next week.

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