Madrid Make Blunders Buy Kaka from Milan

Purchased with high prices, Kaka minimal contribution in Madrid. 

Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon Madrid judge has made a mistake by hiring AC Milan, Ricardo Kaka in the summer of 2009. Injuries are often twisted, making Kaka is now just a decoration Madrid bench.

As quoted by Eurosport magazine, Calderon exposing himself while serving as president of Madrid had barely get the Brazilian national team midfielder. But reports from scouts make Calderon dissuade bring the 2007 world's best players.

"We've tried to recruit him (Kaka) since my first post., And our chance to get it in the second year. Yet our scouting report on recruitment would not favorable for many reasons," said Calderon.

The attack was a result Calderon. But Calderon's successor in the position of club president, Florentino Perez, Kaka recruiting realize the plan in the summer of 2009. Perez decision and it turned out to be a big mistake to make the club's finances disrupted.

Brought Kaka from AC Milan to the Santiago Bernabeu to the value of the transfer failed to provide an important influence in Madrid. In addition to minimal contribution, big salaries Madrid Kaka is now making it difficult to take it off to another club.

"Florentino Perez decided to sign him in 2009., And now he must find a way to solve problems in the club (the impact of the purchase of Kaka)," said Calderon.

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