Thousands of prostitutes pimp mode controller Escaping

Business mode initiated Yunita alias slime Keyko origin Jayagiri IX, Denpasar, Bali, quite neat. To avoid the police sniff, yellow-skinned woman was always on the move to stay.

He is also quite clever marketing that attracted many young men man masher including businessmen and officials from the Capital. Keyko shrewdness dodge police officer was also recognized in Polrestabes Surabaya.

"It is difficult and takes time and patience to disassemble the crimes committed mother of two children," said one investigator, Tuesday, September 11, 2012.

Keyko shrewdness is also inseparable from the role of a confidante who acted as pimps. They, its existence spread throughout the archipelago. Although quite a homebody, including the 'chicken' or call girls supplied, they also neatly run illicit businesses.

Evidently, quite a few young women are beautiful and sexy nan including the owner who looks pretty much worked as a model and Sales Promotion (SPG), students, office workers and children of the rich. Keyko least manage PSK 1600.

Because of this, many of the customers Keyko people classy and rich. "Hence Keyko priced fare quite expensive. Starting price Rp1, 5 million to Rp 5 million was also there," said the investigator that.

It takes a long time, began to sniff to catch Keyko. Because, sexy woman has plenty of places to stay, and always moving. Data obtained police, Keyko of which have a place to stay in Letda Jalan Ngurah Putra, East Denpasar; Road Clover, Glegor Carik, South Denpasar; Regency Bandung, Sukabumi, as well as a few other places, including at Jalan Merak and Darmo Husada in Surabaya.

"It took four days to capture the suspects. And, we got him in Bali," said acting Chief of the General Crimes Unit Polrestabes Surabaya, Inspector M Solikin Ferry.

In the continued arrests, police arrested Surabaya trusted people like Nugroho Tjahjono Keyko Budiono aka Dion (36), from Semarang; Lanny aka Nonik (27), owner of Metropolis Apartments, Surabaya, and Lanny maid, Gloria aka fake Nonik (27) origin Boyolali, Central Java.

"After the development of the three suspects before, we managed to catch Lanny in-room apartment where he lived," said Reskrim visible Polrestabes Surabaya, Chief Farman.

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