Bedroom Colors Affect S3xual Arousal

What is the most dominant color in your bedroom? White, black, red or maybe purple. Some colors turned out to have a direct impact on your sex life and your partner.

As ditahui, color does have a psychological impact, as well as in the bedroom. This is evident from the results of a survey conducted on 2,000 people in the UK. They were asked to answer questions about sexual activity and the dominant color in the bedroom.

Of the many colors, as quoted from Genius Beauty, purple violet and red become 'champions' in terms of sexual arousal. That's because of the survey results is known that the couple were dominant color of the bedroom, having sex on average 3.18 to 3.49 times a week.

The average value is high compared to most couples who dominated his bedroom other colors. Then, in the next ranking is dominated by couples bedroom in blue and pink, the average sex per week 3.02 to 3.14.

For other colors, such as black and blue frequency 2.99 and 2.76. Yellow color frequency 2.43 and 2.36 orange, while white chocolate 2.10 and 2.02 every week. Color the most 'dangerous' for the sexual life is green, beige and gray.

Because the results of the survey show that couples bedroom is predominantly related to the frequency of sex is only one to two times each week. Nothing more.

Also note there is a correlation between the type of materials used linen with sexual activity. Couples who sleep on silk sheets, more sexually active than those who use cotton bed linen, nylon or polyester.

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