Know 5 Ingredients Butter Substitute

Eating cake and cookies that contain a lot of butter aka butter from cow's milk could certainly lead to weight gain. If you can replace some or all of the butter is your favorite cake recipe, it will greatly reduce the calorie content, fat, and cholesterol in it.

There are many healthy ways to replace butter. One of them is by using the following five ingredients, which can also be consumed by vegetarians.


Apple sauce is often used to replace oil in the recipe and can also be used as an alternative to butter when baking cookies. Replace half of the amount of butter listed in the recipe with applesauce. If you want a cake or bread is denser and more humid, as reported from Fit Sugar, replacing all butter with applesauce to avoid the calories and fat.


Replace half the butter in a recipe with avocado was mashed. This method is very suitable for use in a biscuit recipe. You not only reduce the amount of calories, but also make cakes or biscuits are softer, and it's perfect if you want to avoid taking dairy products.

Canola oil

In some recipes, replacing the butter with the oil will still produce a delicious cake, especially if the recipe listed melted butter. Combine canola oil with cake batter. Although fairly high in calories but canola oil is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Greek yogurt

Replace half the butter contained on your biscuit recipe with fat plain greek yogurt to cut calories and saturated fat. You can experiment with using more yogurt and less butter, then see if you still like the taste and consistency.

Prune purée

Prune is a title that has been dried plums, while prune prune purée is mixed with water and then crushed using a blender. Prune purée is also an alternative to butter a low-calorie and low-fat.

Any amount stated in the butter cake recipe that you will create, replace with prune purée. This option can also be applied to recipes that use chocolate cake and cinnamon as an ingredient thereof.

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