U.S. women Accidental Father Marries Bladder

The truth was revealed six years after the husband and father died.

It destroyed the heart of a grandmother in the United States, to know that during this time he had married his father. No one told her, to six years of her husband and her father died. The story is shocking happened to Valerie Spruill, 60, a resident of Doylestown, Ohio State, who told CNN on Friday 21 September 2012. The story first appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal earlier this month.

Valerie knew that her husband, Percy Spruill, was his own father, from his uncle in 2004. This has been proven by DNA similarities and Valerie Percy. Percy taken DNA samples of hair in his comb. Valerie Percy was the second husband. My grandmother said that her husband and father are good decent men in all three of her previous husband. Until now, he does not know if Percy was also aware that he married his own daughter.

"I do not know if he knows. Conversation that never appeared. I think if he knew, he might not tell me," said Valerie Never know his father From the first, Valerie was never knew who her father. His mother conceived him when she was 15 years old, pregnant before marriage. When only three months old, her mother handed grandmother and grandfather, who had been he believed to be his parents.

It was only at the age of 8 or 9 years old, he learned that the woman who had not visited his family, but his biological mother. His mother, Christine, worked as prostitutes and had been involved in a corruption case James Barbuto, judges womanizer who frequently intimidate investigators in 1980.

His mother died in 1984 and grandmother-grandfather was dead a long time. Case of who his father was buried with three of them. After a secret that his father was revealed her husband, Valerie was devastated and suffered two strokes and diabetes. After consultation with a psychiatrist, this devout woman who finds that God has determined his fate.

"Pain and stress can kill you, and I have eliminated my stress by telling them," says Valerie. Overcoming the mental burden, Valerie decided to write her story in a journal. Through the story, Valerie tries to help people who have a similar story.

A few days after the story is published, some people call it. They claimed to have been married to his male or female siblings. From the story of Valerie, they find it to cope.
"They eventually divorced and decided to be friends," said Valerie

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