VIDEO: Dancing Hula Hoop Unique Contest in Thailand

VIDEO: Dancing Hula Hoop Unique Contest in Thailand
 Various methods of governments around the world to stay fit and active people exercising. In Thailand, the Ministry of Health uses a unique competition to attract the attention of its citizens.

The competition is a competition dance with a hula hoop. The competition was held in Pathum Thani, Thailand and followed by hundreds of people from 49 teams. Each team consists of 30 people and participants generally aged 15 years to 50 years.

As a requirement, each team must have three members with the waist size of 80 cm or more. Participants are required to display a unique dance and movement and energetic for 30 minutes shaking hula hoop.

The competition itself is part of a campaign to persuade the Ministry of Health Thailand citizens exercising. The team that wins the prize cash of 40,000 bath.

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