Fire Chief of Mission of the Russian Space Agency

Fire Chief of Mission of the Russian Space Agency
Russian President Vladimir Putin, dismissed the Head of the Mission Space Khrunichev, Vladimir Nesterov. Reported on pages Russia, RIA Novosti.

The previous Russian space industry is characterized by a series of failures. In August, two failed satellites carried into orbit by a Russian rocket Proton-M. Two satellites it is Telkom-3 belongs to Indonesia and Russia's Express MD2.

The failure was caused by a malfunction of Briz-M booster shortly after launch on Sunday, August 5, 2012, evening.

The incident, Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, reacted strongly. He promised to punish officials. Medvedev also admitted shame, because the failure. Because, in addition to loss of confidence in the eyes of the world, Russia has also suffered losses of billions of rubles.

Failure is not the first. In August 2011 ago, damage to the Briz-M rocket led to the loss of a communications satellite Express-AM4. Now the threat of punishment is proven. Nesterov Vladinir fired.

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