When It's Only Two People Got a Rolex

When It's Only Two People Got a Rolex

Who is the photographer who photographed the execution Kartosoewirjo still a mystery.
The late Lieutenant retired TNI Abu Bakr, a former photographer Siliwangi Military Commander Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Aji is one of the photographers who've perpetuated the originator of the Islamic State of Indonesia (NII) DI / TII Sekarjmadji Maridjan Kartosoewirjo while descending the mountain in Garut, West Java in 1962.

Abu Bakr's family did not know who the photographer to capture the moments of execution Kartosoewirjo on 50 years ago called on Ubi Island, Thousand Islands. A total of 81 rare photos ahead of execution was recorded Chairman Alumni Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia, Fadli Zon.

"The photos that I am sure the execution is not a photograph of my father," said the daughter of Abu Bakr, the Goddess Noviami VIVAnews when found in his office, Jakarta Arts Council, Friday, September 7, 2012. 

Goddess who is also Chairman of the Jakarta Arts Council Program, said that based on the story of his father, Ibrahim Aji time did not approve execution Kartosoewirjo. Because it is a decision of the central government.

"So, Ibrahim Aji invited for execution beyond his control (outside West Java)," said Dewi. Since the execution time was Ibrahim Aji did not participate, then the assistant who is also the father did not witness Goddess.

Abu Bakar, said Dewi, was a photographer who documented all activities Commander. Including the activities of President Soekarno at the Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung.

Of 81 photo posted Fadli Zon was there a moment when Kartosoewirjo disarm all property attached ahead of the firing squad. Including Rolex watches.

According to Dewi, not everyone can have that luxury watches. "In those days, who had only two Rolex watches people. Kartosoewirjo and another one I forgot," he said.

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