Working More Than 8 Hours, Stalking Heart Disease

 The results of this study could be a warning.

Work more than eight hours a day increased the risk of heart disease by 80 percent. Really? Many workers often lose track of time while in office. So stacking office duties, time off and eventually reduced working hours exceed reasonable limits.

The researchers told the Times of India pages also said that working long hours could condemn thousands of employees could be at risk for heart attack and stroke. Not just research, this could be a warning, because the analysis of 12 studies conducted since 1958 have involved 22,000 people from around the world.

The analysis, by scientists at the Institute of Occupational Health in Finland, found that those who work longer than eight hours have a chance of 40 to 80 percent higher heart disease. Size of the increase varies depending on how each study performed.

The effect is more pronounced when the participants were asked to state how long they work, but when the researchers monitored the hours of work, increased risk of heart disease more closely at the figure of 40 percent. Lead researcher, Dr Marianna Virtanen, said this effect may occur because the work is too long stressful underlying causes of many diseases.

Other triggers could be due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise due to a very limited spare. The study also found that middle-aged workers who work 55 hours a week had a risk of poor brain function than those who work no more than 40 hours. Those who work 55 hours a week were found to have lower scores on tests to measure intelligence, have short-term memory and have trouble remembering words.

British society is that workers have the longest working hours in Europe, with an average of 42.7 hours working hours per week. During their German workers usually work for 42 hours, while Denmark 39.1 hours. It is estimated that more than five million people in the UK are paid to do extra hours to hang on to their jobs. However, working hours are too long can destroy their health.

"There are several potential mechanisms that may underlie the association between long working hours and heart disease," says Dr Virtanen told the Daily Mail. In addition to exposure to psychological stress, he said, other triggers can also be due to increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol, poor eating habits and lack of physical activity due to limited time.

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