Mariah Carey So Expensive American Idol judges.

Replaces Jennifer Lopez, she gets a salary around Rp170 billion.

Mariah Carey's face will adorn the talent search program American Idol next season. On Monday was officially announced that he will be a judge, replacing Jennifer Lopez. Then, how many paid the Diva to be a judge?

Honor the singer of "Hero" is, as reported by TMZ, reaching U.S. $ 18 million or about Rp170 billion. It's much more expensive and JLo who only gets paid U.S. $ 12 million in his first season American Idol judges. Previous news circulated that he deserved a fee of U.S. $ 500 million. Although it's not as high honorarium, Carey is still at the top of paid jury Idol.

Earlier, President of Fox Broadcasting Entertainment section, Kevin Reilly announced a certainty Carey as the new American Idol judges at a conference attended by a number of television critics. At that time, he called Carey on her cell phone and talk to the speakerphone.

"Hi Mariah, what's up? I just meyebutkan your name for the first time. We already had a deal is not it?" Reilly said as quoted by Reuters page. Carey replied that he was very happy to join the American Idol. He could not wait to start his duties as a judge on the talent show.

Joining one's mother in American Idol also welcomed by many parties. This includes former Idol judge, Simon Cowell. "I love Mariah. I think it would be very hard for him decline the offer. I thought it would be an awesome judge," said Cowell

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