Controversial American Idol Judges Recruit

Nicki Minaj officially become the new American Idol judges.

Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban officially lined up as the new American Idol judges. As Rueters news agency reported, Minaj and Urban joined the singer Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson as a judge for American Idol season.

Attendance Minaj, Urban, and Carey is in order to fill the void bench judges who previously abandoned Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. The announcement by Fox the new jury also ending rumors about the musicians who will replace Tyler and Lopez.

Previously, they were never staying digadang as American Idol judges include Kanye West, Katy Perry, Enrique Iglesias, Adam Lambert, Nick Jonas to Miley Cyrus. Meanwhile Fox stated, Minaj and American Idol judge Urban is the most exciting thing that ever existed for this.

"Nicki is an outstanding international phenomenon that makes an indelible imprint in the world of rap and pop., And Keith was a big star in country music, and I know that the fans and the contestants will fall in love with him," said Mike Darnell of Fox.

Although known as the best female rapper, Minaj highly controversial figure. In the Grammy Awards some time ago, he took a man dressed in the style of the Pope.

More recently, Minaj is also in the spotlight after singing lyrics full of profanity which was later known as a form of support for U.S. Presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney. However, he hastens to rectify and mention that the lyrics are meant as an expression of sarcasm.

Various responses of fans showed up to the decision to choose Minaj Fox as American Idol judge. Some of them threatened not to watch the show again, while others give a compliment.

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