You Want Brain Prima? 4 Food Consumption It

Beta carotene and vitamin C improves the brain and prevent dementia.

The good news from spinach, green vegetables, it is also able to make the brain more fit. Especially in terms of recall. It's Because antioxidants and beta carotene are high on spinach.

These findings generated after scientists from the University of Ulm, Germany after doing a case study. They examined the difference in 74 people with mild Alzheimer's and 158 people are otherwise healthy. These respondents aged between 65 to 90 years. The results of this study stated that those who consume less vitamin C and beta carotene, easier senile.

The team, led by Professor Gabriele Nagel epidemiology and neurologist Professor Christine von Arnim, found that serum concentrations of antioxidants vitamin C and beta-carotene will significantly help strengthen the brain's memory.

"The study found that vitamin C and beta-carotene may arise and prevent progression of Alzheimer's disease." They suggested that you consume lots of oranges as a source of vitamin C. Also spinach, apricots, and carrots as a food source of beta carotene.

Alzheimer's disease is characterized by a decrease in one's memory and lack of orientation. How, still think back to eating spinach?

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