U.S. Defense Worried Japan-China Conflict Could Widespread

Problem island disputes, non-partisan Americans choose anyone.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta expressed his concern on China and Japan-related conflicts disputed island in the East China Sea. According to him, if not resolved soon, the problem will escalate into an international issue.

It is delivered Panetta during his visit to Tokyo, Japan, Sunday. Reported by the BBC, the presence Panetta to Tokyo to coincide with the warming of relations between the two countries in the disputed islands called Senkaku or Diayou by Japan.

"I'm afraid if the two countries are mutually provoke dispute about the island, then there will be another misunderstanding from both sides and can lead to violence and conflict., And potentially widespread conflict," said Panetta.

A similar previously delivered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a visit to China some time ago. Delivering the U.S. position in this dispute, both Clinton and Panetta said that his country had not interfered and refused to take sides.

However, the U.S. feels the need to act in order to avoid widespread conflict. It is feared that the conflict between the two countries and third world economies will have considerable reaction to the international economy.

Trigger Demonstration.

The situation is getting hot between the two countries was triggered by Japan's move to buy several disputed islands that are owned by Japanese citizens. The decision was then angered China, which immediately sent six ships to scout the waters last Friday.

Anger was also expressed by the Chinese to hold anti-Japanese demonstrations in their country. China typically restrict demonstrations this time still. Protests took place hundreds of people rioted in front of the Japanese Embassy in Beijing. In Shenzhen, the police have fired tear gas to disperse the crowd who started an uproar.

In the city of Xi'an, according to eyewitness reports, conduct mass destruction of all Japanese products, including cars and motorcycles. The police were seen escorting protesters can not do anything to dampen the anger of the masses.

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