Lost city of Atlantis, Between Facts and Fables

Unlike degan another legend, the origin of the Atlantis story is known.

The existence of the civilization of Atlantis or Atlas advanced the unsolved mystery for thousands of years. Some believe Plato's dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, written about 330 BC is a parable of a real event in the past. On the loss of a civilization due to natural disasters. Others regard, it is nothing more than a myth, a fairy tale. The article posted on the LiveScience science supports the second assumption:

In the 1800s, followers of mystic Madame Blavatsky claimed to learn about Atlantis from a teacher from Tibet. A century later, Edgar Cayce predicted Atlantis would be found in 1969, and in the 1980s, a New Age mystic, JZ Knight claims to have learned from Ramntha Atlantis, a warrior spirit. Thousands of books, magazines, and published a special site for Atlantis. He is still a popular topic today.

The origins of Atlantis.

Unlike many legends of obscure origin, we know exactly when and where the story of Atlantis first appeared. That the two dialogues of Plato.

Although this time, Atlantis is often believed to be a beautiful utopia, Plato described Atlantis in his story is very different. In the book, Frauds, Myths and Mysteries: Science and pseudoscience in Archaeology, a professor of archeology, Ken Feder argues, Plato's story is about, "the kingdom of Satan high tech but morally bankrupt, Atlantis. Yang eager to conquer the world with force."

His opponent, who then beat him was a small group of people who are spiritually pure, has a moral principle, and not corrupt: the people of ancient Athens. Athens residents told to beat their opponents much stronger simply through the power of their spirit.

As propaganda, the legend of Atlantis more about Athena heroic than the story of a destroyed civilization. Feder added, in this case, it is clear that Plato made Atlantis a plot to the story, because, there is no other record of the existence of the modern city. If indeed it exists, will certainly be a lot of Greek texts that call, or at least, reveal about an incredible place. There is no evidence the legend before Plato wrote.

Continent of the "missing".

Although its origins inclined to fiction, a lot of people for centuries claimed, there is a hidden truth from myth, speculate where Atlantis would be found. There are many "experts Atlantis" who claims to have found the lost continent, based on the same set of facts. Among them, the Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica, Bolivia, Turkey, Germany, Malta, Caribbean, also Indonesia. Departing from the writings of Plato, the location of Atlantis has been described: the sea could be navigable at the time, in front of the mouth "pillars of Hercules", there is an island larger than Libya and Asia put together. "

In other words, Plato's version of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean beyond the "pillars of Hercules" that is, the Strait of Gibraltar, at the mouth of the Mediterranean. However, no trace of Atlantis were found despite oceanographic engineering and underwater mapping has developed rapidly in recent decades. For nearly two millennia, people are looking for the city that sank in the sea. Although many undiscovered mysteries of the sea, oceanographers impossible, divers and underwater robots passing land "larger than Libya and Asia put together".

Plate tectonics also shows Atlantis unreasonable. Therefore, the ocean floor constantly moving, not steady. There's no place vacant for Atlantis to disappear. Geologically clear there would be no major surface immersed in an area where Plato mentions the location of Atlantis. Both Arkaelogi and geology give verdict is clear: There is no continent Atlantic. No great civilization called Atlantis.


One way to make the mysterious Atlantis is to menfasirkan origins and moral messages, as well as changing the details in the story of Plato, claiming that it took the story of real events. In his book Lost Continents, L. Sprague de Camp disclose it. "You can not change all the details of the story and still claims to have Plato Plato's story as the basis."

He added, that's like saying the legendary King Arthur 'real' is Cleopatra. "All you have to do is change Cleopatra gender, nationality, period, temperament, moral character, and other details, and the similarities become clear." He added that the legend of Atlantis remains alive, fueled by the public's imagination and fascination with the idea of ??utopia, of a hidden city. In fact, there is one place where Atlantis is never lost: in the book of Plato.

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