World's Most Tattooed Presidential Candidates

Czech Presidential election held in 2013, is likely to take place exciting. Early next year, for the first time Czechs will elect the president directly.

Election Excitement Republic was also seen coming from one of the presidential candidates who will fight. He is Vladimir Franz, who can be called as the presidential candidate most tattooed world.

Male 53 years old it is well-known artists across the country because it looks striking. As an artist, he's a lot of painting and also a composer. Prior to a career in the arts, performing arts professor at the Prague Academy was also carried off a law degree.

However, interesting is not just the story of Franz swerved in his memoirs. Moreover, because the whole body covered in tattoos. Not only in the body, tattoo also meets bald head and face. He believes that tattoos would not hinder his chances of an eye on the presidency very seriously.

"It's like opening the horizon of our thinking about tolerance. It's like the color I choose voluntarily, "he said, as reported by Although not yet received a quota of 50 thousand supporters signatures to run as an independent presidential candidate, but Franz including quite popular. Profile on Facebook a lot of views and comments.

Make no mistake, Franz is not only phenomenal because of the appearance of the tattooed body. It also has a unique attitude that is rarely owned by other candidates, which supports all of its rivals. He himself put his signature under the nomination of his political opponents. "I signed a petition of 12 other candidates that I considered democratic," he said lightly. He also suggested his rivals to do the same, on the grounds that allowing citizens to choose candidates more.

So far, only two non-party candidates are quite popular, and managed to get 50 thousand signatures of support. They are former cabinet secretary while, Jan Fischer, and former Prime Minister of the left wing, Milos Zeman. Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, Senator Jiri Dienstbier, and Vice Chairman of the Senate Premysl Sobotka, had been nominated by their party.

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