4 Things About S3x Women feared

Concerns may arise during lovemaking, and potentially damaging the warm and romantic moments with your partner. Of concern can vary, such as 'if I do it right?', 'Why my body is not as beautiful as a supermodel?' or 'why s3x is not as comfortable as I thought?'. Anxiety, restlessness and worry it is natural in love. But you should be able to address those issues as much as possible. Excerpted from The Site, there are four of the most common fears experienced by women, and how to overcome them.

1. Is She Loved My Body?

The way we perceive our own bodies can affect the ability to enjoy s3x. Women generally feel less confident because they think men prefer beautiful body models in magazines or television. In fact, there is one thing more important than physical appearance of lovemaking. That emotional closeness and love.

Keep in mind, no matter what your body shape, couples prefer the feeling when you. Are you comfortable with him, or enjoy the moment when you two are making out. If you and your partner relax, automatic s3xual activity will also run smoothly.

2. Do I Can Achieve Orgasm?

According to the study, as quoted Shaaditimes, only 25% of women who always reach orgasm during s3x. So, you are not alone. Women tend to think there is nothing wrong if they are difficult to reach climax and most opted for faking it to please pasangan.Cara is certainly not recommended.

Tell the truth to your spouse about this condition and ask him to find the solution. It may even, of this issue arises s3x ideas that make the relationship more warm and harmonious.

3. Sometimes Painful S3x

Having s3x is sometimes painful to Miss V. This can happen for many reasons, perhaps because of nerves; longer have s3x or not have sex the first time. Pain can also arise due to a lack of foreplay, so Miss V deficiency lubrication.

Required lubricants during s3x to increase pleasure and reduce pain. Foreplay can be done with a kiss, touch and clitoral stimulation. But if the pain keeps coming up every time having sex, maybe you should consult a gynecologist.

4. Maybe I'm Not Ready S3x

For newlyweds, very reasonable if you are not one hundred percent sure to love. You are still in doubt, but felt compelled to do so for the sake of pleasing a partner.

When this happens, try to give sense to the couple to be patient until you siap.Mungkin initially he will be disappointed or objection because it was already 'own' you. But talking about a good, ask him to respect the wishes and feelings. If he really loves and cares, he'll understand and give time. If you feel ready, immediately notify your spouse.

But set deadlines for yourself. If until a few weeks still is not ready, there is a problem on your emotional state. Immediately consult a psychologist.

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