How to Make a Woman Orgasm in 10 Minutes

Not deny women is a subject for men to satisfy his desire. But whether the men she cares to satisfy themselves during sex. It will always be a question for all of us. Maybe there was some young men and women will be fulfilling her dream guy. But whether the men knew the step-langkang that she needed to get to the seventh heaven just by stimulating the G spotnya?

For that we will provide langkang-step for the man who wants to satisfy his woman to fly to the seventh heaven. First minut: Begin by stroking his head and navigate caress from the forehead toward the neck, try to further stimulate your forefinger touches the back of her ear bagianh.

Second minuts: 

Kiss her face from her forehead and pan slowly heading towards the eyes and nose. Then, starting from the corner of her lips kiss his lips to her lips and make her curious female heart pounding.

Third minuts: 

Use your tongue to do the stimulus in the ear and you occasionally lightly breathed into the ear canal.

Fourth minuts: 

After exploring the ear, kiss the neck and give it a little kiss and lick tenderly done gently.Fifth minuts: Lower kiss you in the direction of the side of his chest and the side of his chest ekslorasi until she sighed tickled.

Sixth minuts: 

Start point you to the payudarahnya kiss but do not jump to the nipple. Do a lap of the outer payudarah toward her nipples and doing turns, this will make it a curious and increase desire.

Sevent minuts: 

Begin to explore the belly with your tongue and slowly lick her navel hole, your spouse will get a tremendous stimulus.

Eight minuts: 

Now use your tongue to strike the thigh while your hands are playing a feather in the vagina, it can further stimulate the woman.

Nine minuts: 

Do a stimulus to the outside of the vagina by means lick her pussy lips and little bumps that are at the bottom, it will make her happy and high rangangan.

Ten minuts: 

Last-minute input your tongue into her vagina hole and jilatlah slowly, interspersed with sips out with your lips and lick the top of her vagina. And she came to the seventh heaven without ML and satisfied her.

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