Avoid Ashgar Shirk to Remove Charity Worship

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh:

Type shirk under shirk akbar and not issued
perpetrators of Islam is shirk ashgar (minor shirk). Although
Shirk called small, but still larger than the sin
major sins such as adultery and stealing. One example is
riya 'which showcased acts of worship to get compliments from people
other. This sin that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam very
fear will override the friends and parishioners. In fact
many people who fall within the sin of shirk this one.
Many people pray and read the Qur'an to be complimented
by showing this glorious worship to others. When
others see him, he extended the bowing and prostration and he
would enhance reading and crying with made-up. All of these
done in order to get praise from others, to be regarded as
worship and Qori experts' (proficient reading the Qur'an).

O my brother, beware of the snares that Satan can cancel
devotions is charity! Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said
which means, "God said it was the least I need allies.
Whoever does a deed then he interfere with
commit shirk in it with other than me, then I will leave
He shared that syiriknya charity. "(Narrated by Muslim). If worship
done purely because of riya ', the charity was canceled. However, if the
riya 'suddenly appears in the middle of worship and the perpetrators tried
hard to eliminate it, then this does not invalidate
worship. But if riya 'is not eliminated, even
enjoy, then this could invalidate the acts of worship.

O my brother, be as the Prophet Ibrahim 'alaihis salam
Clean-lover of God-tauhidnya of shirk. He
still pray to God: "Deliver me from my grandson and his son
worshiping idols. "(Ibrahim: 35). If he were perfect
tauhidnya are still afraid of Shirk, of course we are all the poorer
 science and faith should not feel safe from him. At Ibrahim Taimi
said: "And who better to feel safe falling bala '(ie
Shirk) after the Prophet Abraham. "It's no one feels safe from
Shirk unless he is the most ignorant about shirk.
(Fathul Majid)

O Allah, we seek refuge in you from your associate was our
know and we beg Thee forgiveness for the things we
do not know. [Muhammad Abduh Tuasikal]

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