Fauna Asiatis And Fauna Australis

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Meet again with Saber Incidentally I work once I Share Create your brothers how are hopefully in good health just wallafiat amen. This time I Try Describe Asiatis Articles About Fauna and Fauna Australis.

Asiatis Fauna and Fauna Australis - hallmark features asiatis fauna, fauna type asiatis

Distribution of Fauna
The animal or animals in Indonesia, is geographically divided into two main regions, and the transition region. These areas are areas Asiatis, Australis region, and the transition region.

1-. fauna Asiatis

Fauna in the western part of Indonesia much like mainland Asia. The distribution of fauna in western Indonesia, from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo until the Makassar Strait and Lombok Strait. Fauna in the western part of this area there are many types of mammals characterized by a large animal.

2-. fauna Australis
Fauna Australis numerous in eastern Indonesia, a bird and marsupial species.

3-. Flora and Fauna Transition
Plants in coastal areas similar to the plant in Papua, while existing in mountainous areas similar to those in Kalimantan. As the flora and fauna in this transition region Asiatis manifold and Australis. Examples include anoa, hog deer, birds maleo, bengkarung and dragons. Acknowledgements Hopefully Helpful With Asiatis Fauna and Fauna Australis It Has Me Describe Hopefully Useful For Together We Enjoy.

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