Dirwayatkan of 'A'ishah: Messenger of Allah. has said: Whoever does
actions that are not command us, he rejected not accepted). And in
Another history: Those who invent in our command who is not
from him, he was rejected. Meanwhile, in another narration: He who
affairs do something other than our order, it was rejected. (HR.Ahmad.
Bukhary and Abu Dawud).
The content of the two above hadeeth explain clearly and unequivocally that
deeds, deeds-deeds that relationship with Deen / shari'ah 'at particularly
the problem ubudiyah mandatory according to guidelines and instructions outlined
by the Prophet. Not to be added and / or subtracted according to the idea though
as if it is better.
Among the ways Shaytan whispers seductive Ummah is an additional
in matters of Deen. Unfortunately, the case is considered a trivial matter, light and trivial.
And act like it is a very fatal damage and

"It was narrated from Ibn Abbas, saying: Behold the Messenger of Allah.
preaching to the people at the time of hajj Farewell '. Then he said:
Indeed Shaytan has despaired (in business) that he worshiped
bumimu this. But he was pleased when (whisper) than that observed in the case; namely a
you take for granted the practice of deeds-deeds ye, ye be warned
all. Indeed, I have left you, that if you hold
him surely you would not go astray for ever. Namely: the Book of Allah and
Sunnah of His Prophet. "(Narrated by al-Hakim).
Thus it can be understood how the Prophet. reminds us that
always on the alert to provocation Satan to act in violation of the guidance
The Prophet even if it seems trivial. "It was narrated from Ibn Al-Harith Ghudwahaif ra: he
said: It is said the Prophet.: Any one holding the heresy, surely
then removed (omitted) semisalnya Sunnah. So cling kepda
Sunnah is better than holding heretical "(HR.Ahmad). So when practice
posed heresy however small, then at the same time has Sunnah
destroyed. Eventually over time which is only apparent in the dien
heresy case while the Sunnah and the original has been closed. At that
Ummah will become weak and overrun. Insha Allah soon we
will welcome the arrival of Ramadan, in this blessed month we
required to practice sawm Ramadan month, which it
It is one part of the pillars of Islam. Therefore it is very

In connection with the above, then we must make every effort to
shaum pilgrimage to this as perfect as possible, completely free from
heretic in accordance with guidelines established by the Prophet. For
That's the purpose of this simple treatise explains a few things
shaum related amaliah Ramadan, zakat fithrah and Prayer 'Eed by
Texts that Shariih (obviously).
The arguments - the arguments and conclusions are made to be easily understood by the relationship between charity
Theses. And-no ivory that is not cracked-the saying goes, of course, the minutes
This is very far from perfect, to get help from the user perfection
quite expected. Hopefully this treatise was accepted by God as the Amal Salih
particularly useful in the afterlife.

1. It was narrated from 'Umar ibn al-Khattab ra. Prophet has said: If
the night has come from this direction and day has gone from this direction, being
the sun had set, then the person should shaum break. (H.R: Al-
Bukhary and Muslim)

2. Sahl ibn Sa? Ad: Indeed, the Holy Prophet has said:
Man (Ummah) is still in good condition during mentakjilkan
(Hasten) break. (H.R: Al-Bukhary and Muslim)

3. Diriwayatakan from Anas., He said: The Messenger of Allah breaking denganmakan
some ruthaab (wet dates) before the prayer, if no makadengan
dried dates, if not then a sip of water a few sips. (HR: Abu
David and Al-Hakiem)

4. It was narrated from Salman ibn Amir, that the Holy Prophet. already
said: When one of you ought to break with shaum
Dates, if no date let the water actually airitu clean.
(H.R: Ahmad Danat-Tirmidhi)

5. Narrated Ibn Umar: The Prophet is. He finished breaking pray
(That) has gone thirst and being wet all the veins and reward remain
There Insha Allah. (H.R: Ad-Daaruquthni and Abu Daud hasan hadeeth)

6. It was narrated from Anas, he said: The Messenger of Allah has said: When eating
night has been provided, then start eating before Maghrib prayers, do not
prioritize prayer than dinner (which was served). (H.R: Al-
Bukhary and Muslim)

7. It was narrated from Anas bin Malik, may Allah: Verily Allah saw.telah said:
Eating sahurlah you for actually eating a meal is a blessing. (H.R: Al-

8. Narrated by Al-Miqdam bin Ma'di Yaqrib, from the Prophet saw.bersabda: Let
you all eat the meal, as the meal was blessed food.
(H.R: An-Nasa'i)

9. Narrated Zaid bin Thabit t said: We bersahur with Messenger
saw. then we got up to pray (Shubuh). I say:
How when the distance between them (between meal time danwaktu Shubuh)? He
said: As long as people read fifty verses. (H.R: Al-Bukhary and Muslim)

10. It was narrated from Amr ibn Maimun, he said: It is the companions of Muhammad
saw. was the most rush the meal breaking the fast and slow
dawn. (H.R: Al-Bayhaqi)

11. Prophet has said: When any one of you heard
prayer and the plate was placed in his hands do not let him
finish his business (eating / drinking dawn) thereof. (H.R: Ahmad and Abu
David and Al-Hakiem)

12. It was narrated from Abu Usamah ra. He said: Prayer has di'iqamahkan, being
a drink is still in the hands of Umar. He asked: Is this allowed me
drinking O Messenger of Allah? He r. answer: yes, and then he drank. (Ibn H.R

13. It was narrated from Ibn `Abbas. He said: It is Allah who saw.orang
He most generous and more generous again in the month of Ramadan when
Gabriel met him, and Gabriel met on every night in
Ramadan to mentadaruskan he saw. the Qur'an and the Prophet actually
saw. more generous about the virtues (quick to do good) than wind
sent. (Reported by al-Bukhary)

14. It was narrated from Abu Hurairah, he said: It is Allah saw.menggalakkan
qiyamullail (night prayer) in Ramadan without ordering a mandatory,
then he said: Those who pray at night in Ramadan
because faith and expecting reward from Allah, then pardoned him
of past sins. (H.R: Jamat)

15. Narrated from Aisha ra. Indeed the Prophet. When entering the top ten
last days (of Ramadan) he really turn night (for
worship) and woke his wife (to worship) by tightening
bond sheath (mengumpuli not his wife). (H.R: Al-Bukhary and Muslim)

16. Narrated Aisha, she said: It is the Prophet. earnest prayer
night in the last ten days (of Ramadan) is not as
sincerity in any other month. (H.R: Muslim)

17. It was narrated from Abu Salamah din Abdur Rahman, in fact he has
A'ishah asked: How did the Prophet evening prayers in the month of
Ramadan? then he said: The Messenger of Allah never prayed more night
of eleven raka'at either in Ramadan or in other months, how:
He prayed four raka'at do not ask nice and long, then pray
another four were raka'at do good and long, then pray three
raka? at. (H.R: Al-Bukhary, Muslim danlainnya)

18. Narrated from Aisha ra. He said: It is Allah's Messenger. When waking up
evening prayer, he opened with a prayer two raka'at light, then
eight raka'at prayer, then pray Witr. (H.R: Muslim)
19. It was narrated from Ibn 'Umar he said: There was a man stood up and he said:
O Messenger of God how to pray the night? Then the Prophet r. answer:
Prayer night two raka'at two raka'at. If you're worried go pray
Dawn, then berwitirlah one raka'at. (H.R: Jamat)

20. From A'ishah. He said: Verily the Prophet praying in the mosque, and the
friends pray according to his prayer (bermakmum in the back), and he
prayers on the second night and the companions behind bermakmum
increased, and then on the night of the third or fourth they
gathered, the Prophet did not come out they lead the. After the morning
day he said: I have to know what you do, no one
blocking me to get out to you (to lead the prayer) but
I pray tonight difardhukan worried over you. This happened in
Ramadan. (H.R: Al-Bukhary and Muslim)

21. From Ubay ibn Ka'b t. He said: It is Allah's Messenger. Witr Prayer with
read: Sabihisma Rabbikal A'la) and (Qul ya ayyuhal infidels) and (Qulhu
wallahu ahad). (H.R: Ahmad, Abu Dawud, and Ibn Majah Annasa'i)

22. It was narrated from Hasan ibn Ali t. He said: Messenger of Allah. Has taught
me some words that I read in Witr qunut: meaningless) Ya Allah grant
I guide with those to whom you gave the instructions, give me
perfect health with those to whom you gave health
perfect, lead me with those whom you have led, Bless
for me what Thou hast given, guard me from what has been
You specify. Verily thou decide and no
You can decide on, that will not abject anyone who has
You will lead and not noble who you hostile. Supreme
O Thou our Lord Most High and You. (H.R: Ahmad, Abu Daud,
Annasa'i, At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)

23. From Abu Hurairah ra. the Prophet. He said: He who prayed the night
Tatyana keep Qadr, the sins that have been forgiven then. (H.R: Jamat)
24. Narrated from Aisha ra. Verily the Messenger of Allah. It has been said:
try to find Tatyana Qadr in the last ten nights. H.R:

24. It was narrated from Ibn 'Umar. He said: Dinampakkan in a dream
men that Tatyana Qadr-seven on the second night, the Messenger of Allah.
He said: I then dreamed such dreams, (revealed in ten nights
latter, then look for it (Tatyana Qadr) in the odd nights. (H.R: Muslim)

25. Narrated from Aisha ra. He said: I said to the Messenger of Allah. Yes
Messenger of Allah, how do I know the lord when Tatyana Qadr, what
I have read at night? He said: Read the meaning) Yaa Allah
great Thou art the giver's sake, you like to forgiveness
so forgive me. (H.R: At-Tirmidhi and Ahmad)

26. Narrated from Aisha ra. He said: It is the practice of the Messenger of Allah I'tikaf
in the last ten days of Ramadan till he diwafatkan by
Allah Almighty. (H.R: Al-Bukhary and Muslim)
28. Narrated from Aisha ra. He said: It is Allah's Messenger. When about to
beri'tikaf, he then entered the morning prayer i'tikafnya (H.R: Jamat except At-Tirmidhi)

27. Narrated from Aisha ra. He said: It is Allah's Messenger. If beri'tikaf,
his head closer to me, then I comb it, and is
he did not enter the house except due to meet the basic need of human beings (waste
water, shower etc ...) (H.R: Al-Bukhary and Muslim)

28. Allah ta'ala says: (means) you should not interfere hey (your wives)
were you in a state of I'tikaf in the mosque. That provision limits
God, do not be approached ... Al-Baqarah: 187)
29. It was narrated from Abu Hurairah ra. He said: Messenger of Allah has said:
Each charity children children of Adam are for him except shaum, it is for me
and I who give reward him. And indeed it shaum
is a fortress, on a day when you do not commit heinous shaum,
not rant (contention), when he was a scold
shaum then let him say: "I'm actually shaum". By
Muhammad's life is in His hands really stink up the
'm shaum it more fragrant with Allah on the Day of Judgment than kasturi. And
for two people who shaum excitement, when she broke her happy
to open it, and when he met his Lord he is glad that
shaumnya. (H.R: Al-Bukhary and Muslim)

30. It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah he said: Verily the Prophet. Already
He said: He who does not abandon false speech and deeds
lies, then there is no hunger for God (to receive) in that it
left to eat and drink. (H.R: Unless Muslim Jama'ah) means
God does not feel the need to reward shaumnya.
31. That in fact the Prophet. Ansar said to a woman who
often called Umm Sinan: What are you off to perform Hajj
with us? He replied: Donkey that is the one used by our
the father so and so (her husband) for hajj with their children while others are in
use to water our children. Nabipun said again Umrah in
Ramadan together with the pilgrimage or Hajj with me.


32. Prophet sw. said: When it comes do it 'Umrah in Ramadan
for umrah in it (the month of Ramadan) level with the pilgrimage. (H.R: Muslim)
Verses and hadiths above gives a lesson to us that in
practice sawm Ramadan we need to implement adab-adab as follows:
1. Breaking Maghrib time when it entered. (Proposition: 6)
Sunnah breaking is as follows:
a. Hasten the Maghrib Salaah before the food
light such as dates, water, praying afterwards. proposition:
2,3 and 4)
b. But when dinner was served, then continue to eat, do not
prayers first. (Proposition: 6)
c. After breaking pray the following prayer: Meaning: Has lost his thirst, and
be wet all the veins and reward fixed form insha'Allah.

Thanks so hopefully GUIDE shaum RAMADHAN

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