Obligations People Against Al-Quds and Palestine

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Resistance-hero With Various Shape And berupakan Palestinians Rights:

Ustadz Muhammad Mahdi Akif,. Murshid Al-Am Muslim Brotherhood would recommend Brotherhood bail plea along with recommending the Al-Quds at the Istanbul meeting, and stated that the Zionist occupation of Al-Quds in the West and East are aphartheid colonization, occupation and cruel terrorists as opposed to history, so it must be removed from the Al-Quds, Palestine, the Golan plateau and agriculture Syab'a, as should vanish all forms of colonialism and oppression on earth.

Within minutes of his weekly religious teacher support for the right firmness Istanbul on the return of refugees, the displaced and migrated from the earth Al-Quds, because the span of the land of Palestine is the right of every individual and group that is not possible for every human being and is subject to underestimate him, as the demands on countries, as well as the entire Arab and Islamic countries and international institutions who love peace, to mobilize all the potential and energy and thoughts to end the Zionist occupation of Al-Quds, the Arab world to maintain the sanctity of Islam and Christianity.

He stated the success of Al-Quds International meeting in establishing recommendations to the heads of all the people who should not be silent on the beloved Palestinian problems, especially al-Quds Sharif, and considers resistance to various forms as prescribed Islamic rights and are protected by law , international treaties and the constitution so as to create the freedom and eliminate colonization.

Ustadz also invites all nations and civil society institutions in the world as a whole to restore potency and provide motivation to all elements of the Palestinian people, support these institutions and inmateri materially so as to play a role in defending the oppressed.

He also asked the nations and powers that have the fighting spirit to provide support tsaqofah, and economic information to the besieged people of Gaza, conduct meetings, conferences and nadwah, to open a nature that occur from the Zionist tyranny and enmity against the Palestinian people, while confirms that the Al-Al-Moslem Brotherhood did all the potential in helping the Palestinian issue, especially freedom AL-Quds Sharif, independence of every inch of the land of Palestine, the land returns kepangkuan depriving the people, and restore peace and security to the Al-Quds as the peaceful earth.

Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family, friends entirely more

Has completed the implementation of Al-Quds International meeting held in the city of Istanbul, Turkey from 15 to 17 November 2007 ago, followed by participants from the clergy, duat, scholars, state leaders and community leaders in the various Muslim countries numbered 5000 people, as also attended by leaders of Christianity; conferences are very important when conditions are precarious and critical, whether in relation to the conditions and atmosphere associated qodhiyah Palestine, or specifically the Annapolis international conference will be held on November 27, 2007 ; with the aim of resolving the Palestinian issue.

Al-Quds International meetings attended: to make a clear treatise on the Muslims and the nations of the world who love freedom on the one hand, and to the invaders and usurpers and to its allies on the other hand, the goal is that the truth is more entitled to be followed , and tyranny and falsehood has no future, and there is no truth behind vanity "they want to kill off God's light with their mouths and only Allah who perfected the light .." (Shaff: 8)

Glory People:

That al-Quds Sharif is and will always be a symbol of Islam, the Muslim glory, the trust was imposed on one and a half billion Muslims; thus re mandapatkan independence, authority and glory to the bosom of the Muslims, unfurled the flag of freedom, justice and monotheism, as achieved thousands of years ago, though the length of the occupation and Zionist hostility - backed by the U.S. and the West - but will still be lost and gone with the permission of God, so faith and beliefs as taught by history "And Allah has promised to those who faith in you and do righteous deeds that He will indeed make them power in the land, as he has made to people before they come to power, and indeed he will establish for them a religion that has blessed him for their , and he's really going to exchange (the state of) them, after they are in fear of being safe Sentausa ". (An-Nuur: 55)

That Al-Ikhwan Al-Moslem - were always supportive of people who besemangat fight for elevating the Word of Allah in every inch of their ground and in every seed of the land - their ability to exert all qodhiyah berkhidmah against Palestinians, particularly the independence of the noble Al-Quds, independence Palestinian land, depriving the country return to the lap of the people, and restore peace and security Quds as a peaceful country.

Muslims are currently facing - and will still continue - various forms of deception and animosity, felt a wide range of tyranny, oppression and suppression of the hands of the occupiers and oppressors, but the people remain strong and stand strong, believe in their right to a noble life, maintain its existence and purity with a very expensive, presenting the martyrs for the sake of martyrs, with not accept tyranny, violence and oppression, even forever as long as the people will not accept the truth and hold fast to the Qur'an ... the people who cling to the mandate and treatises ... people who love justice, equality and jihad against hostility.

Recommendations Istanbul:

We support what has been recommended at a meeting in Istanbul in the struggle to defend Al-Quds, and asserted that the Zionist occupation of Al-Quds in the West Bank and East is aphartheid occupation, illegal occupation, colonization and terrorists, contrary to the movement of history, a colonial phenomenon classic built on tyranny, violence and deprivation, which must be eliminated from the occupation of Al-Quds and Palestine, especially in the Golan and agricultural Syab'a as well be removed from different parts of the world. It is the right of the refugees, the displaced and forced to migrate due to return to the land of Palestine, as well as Palestine is the right of individuals and groups, it is not possible for every man doing peace and despair, as well as demanding the Arab states and Islam and all countries and international institutions who love peace to try with all their power to end the Zionist occupation of Al-Quds, Arab glory and preserve the sanctity of Islam and Christianity.

Meetings Al-Quds International has successfully asserted that the leaders of the people should not remain silent against the beloved land of Palestine, especially the Al-Quds Sharif, the meeting would affirm the right of people to defend their country, and considers all forms of resistance as a personal right which Islam prescribed, protected laws, international treaties and constitutions; thus achieved independence and occupation vanished, as also at the meeting encouraging Muslims to mobilize all its potential both material and inmateri, exert all the strength: to liberate the land of the sacred, and clean up country of unclean occupation always do deprivation.

Supporting Movements Munashoroh:

I request to all Arab and Islamic nation, an independent nation that loves righteousness and justice, all civil social institutions around the world, to provide role and do contribute munashoroh against the Palestinian people, all the people who want to escape from the clutches of colonialism, supporting institutions these materials and inmateri; thus able to fulfill its role and contribution to the defense of the oppressed.

I ask every nation with the potential support through tsaqofah, and economic information to the people who are besieged in Gaza, conduct seminars, conferences and nadwah-nadwah going to reveal the nature of Zionist tyranny and hostility towards Palestinians wait and strong in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the prisoners and the people who are suffering in jail so heavy in the occupation prisons, and especially the ministers and members of the Palestinian legislative majlis (parliament members-Palestine), action must be taken of all elements and levels of society, giving pressure to release the evil and dzalim siege on the Gaza Strip, which took place amid the silence of the international countries and Arab states are in doubt, stand up to fight against the Zionist hostility ongoing war against the nation Palertina.

That Al-Moslem Brotherhood asserted that the essence of the Palestinian problem is the problem of Arabs and Muslims, asked the leaders to unify Palestinian ranks, eliminating divisions, and sticking to tsawabit (the provisions of) the Palestinian people, in particular to fight a syar'i so as to eliminate colonialism, will cling illegitimate Palestinian blood, not easily subject to the rights that we could not remove it from the cruel occupation.

Congratulations to Ikhlas:

That the Palestinians - with persistence, patience and belief - confirmed to the whole world, that despite a barrage of violence suffered and the size of the conspiracy that aims to subdue and weaken the will of god for independence; would not be able to weaken, lose azimah to defend his country, honor and purity.

Through this essay I want to convey with honesty and sincerity to the brave Palestinians face the cruel brutality of the occupiers, to the fighters who are willing to sacrifice their lives to preserve the spirit and religion, the earth and honor, to leaders who are not entitled to disregard the rights of nation, and the fighters who have been exerting his strength and his thoughts to solve the problems of the country and its people, I always pray to God Almighty-, may God give us grace to the martyrs and accept our jihad and the mujahideen, give patience and fortitude to the family of a mujahid in the face of tyranny.

I strongly believe that there is no doubt in it that Al-Quds As-Sharif would have independence, Palestine will be clean from unclean dirt invaders, even the entire country of the Muslims will gain independence, in the Golan plateau, Syib'a agriculture, in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries, as long as the business continues to run a blessing that awaken people to take an active role in the face of various obstacles, for a clean intention and commitment to the comprehensive methodology of Islam's great ... "And God is able to his affairs, but most men know not "(Yusuf: 21). "Then they would shake their heads at you and say:" When it (will happen)? "Say:" I hope it is near the time of Resurrection "(Al-Isra: 51).

Prayers and peace always poured upon our prophet Muhammad SAW who ummi, along with family, friends, and all Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds.
Thanks so Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Hopefully Helpful.

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